torsdag 19 maj 2011

POC Receptor first post

ISPO Munich

The POC Receptor is probably the best looking helmet in the world. On this blog I will give you tips, news, pictures and other fun stuff! POC Receptor is available in plenty of different versions, like the receptor bug, receptor + and of course the receptor backcountry. Sophisticated, stylish design and optimal protection is POC's typical characteristics and the POC Receptor is definitely no exception. The series was developed to meet the demands of today's skiers and push the boundaries of what was previously possible. POC Receptors security is better than ever and functional level is extremely high. It is also availabe in plenty of different sizes:XS: 51 / 52 cm,S: 53/54 cm, M: 55/56 cm,L: 57 / 58 cm, XL: 59/60 cm.
The POC Receptor helmet has two shells, which makes it possible to have full ventilation without being afraid of sharp objects, the air flows between the two shells and you are always protected. Another advantage with POC receptor is If it's cold outside, ventilation can be closed. Available in multiple colours such as, yellow, blue, black, white, green, purple, pink and more!POC receptor is simply a great helmet for all skiiers, snowboardes and winter enthusiasts out there. So make sure you check my blog once and a while, because you defiantly do not want to miss out the news about the POC receptor. With riders such as Anders Backe, Tanner Hall and Jon Olsson, the POC Receptor has entered the freerider scene with a boom. Great design, quality and price - You will not need any other helmet.But where to buy the POC receptor you might ask? Do not worry, I can tell! But not yet, there are a few months until the snows starts to fall again, and to make sure you come back to my blog. Until then, have a great summer and please wait with any "please make it snow dance". Trust me you will not regret the wait for POC receptor, see you soon!